Character Bios

Mark Blatt, Jr. comes from a long line of businessmen in the field of meat he’s inherited an impressively refined palate. He’s a fast talker with a verbal repartee finely cured with quips and peppered with witticisms.After discovering Mark’s passion for pot smoking, his father sold Mark’s shares in “Blatt Sausage and Sons” to teach him a lesson. Disowned from his family of meat royalty, Mark is living in Brownsville with his roommates trying to pay rent and make it big in the NYC sausage scene. 

Milton Brad Lee, (BA with Honors Horticulture SUNY Potsdam), used to watch your dumb faces staring at him across the counter of his parent’s convenience store. “What’s this Filipino kid doing working on an Indian Reservation? Since when were there Indians in Long Island!?.” Okay people, he was adopted by Shinnecock Indians! And yes, the name of the tribe is actually Shinnecock. Milton is a total wild card. You never really know what’s going on in his head or if he paired his breakfast cereal with a tall glass of LSD.

Max Bradley is the 2006 Southern Virginia 189-pound Greco-Roman wrestling Champion and holds the title of 2006 Newport Valley High Prom King. His favorite muscle group is/are his Legs/Upper Legs. Aside from his athletic/prom accomplishments, he loves animals and aspires to work in the Animal Husbandry Industry. He lives in Brownsville and works at Brooklyn Pound and Rescue saving the day one bitch at a time.Think your dumb personal trainer who knows 50 different ways to tone your glutes but can’t give you directions back to the subway. He’s earnest, exceptionally nice, but just isn’t all there upstairs.

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